BBA Challenge #26: Poolish Baguettes

#26 in the BBA Challenge – Poolish Baguettes. This is going to be a short story only, because I don’t really have much to say about this bread.

The recipe called for sifted whole-wheat flour, so I ground some wheat, took out my sieve and sifted the flour. In the left picture you see the wheat bran that remained in the sieve, in the right picture you see the sifted flour. Hubby stirred the wheat bran in his muesli the next day, I stirred some in my oatmeal – yummy!

I mixed the sifted flour, the poolish (that I had made the day before), bread flour (type 1050) salt, yeast and water and let my kitchen machine do the kneading. Fermentation for 2 hours, a little kneading, and another 2 hours of fermentation.  Then I divided the dough into 3 equal pieces, formed them into bâtards, formed these into baguettes and put them in my fancy baguette pan where they proofed for another 60 minutes. Btw, there is a Julia Child video about shaping French Baguettes that I find really helpful. Check it out here. I prepared the oven for hearth baking and scored the baguettes. This is the thing about this bread that made me REALLY happy. I took the lame, cut almost horizontally and was quick and decisive. It actually worked like a charme. Look at the nice slashes!

I put the breads in the oven, baked them, removed them, let them rest – and … was disappointed when I sliced them. The crumb was tight and the flavor was blah. This isn’t a bread I want to make again. I’m glad I made it, though, because I got the hang of the whole  scoring thing, I guess.

12 responses to “BBA Challenge #26: Poolish Baguettes

  1. Sorry to hear you were disappointed. I wasn’t a big fan of this baguette recipe, either. Definitely not an improvement over my standard French bread baguettes.

    You certainly nailed the scoring, though. Nice job!

  2. Your slashes do look nice! I’m still getting the hang of that myself. I love the color. I’m sorry you were disappointed in them. I liked these baguettes. Happy Baking!

  3. Excellent scoring! It’s too bad that you didn’t enjoy the baguettes though. This one was one of my favorites.

  4. I think that’s the key to scoring – quick and decisive! Looks like you’ve got it down pat. I agree, this one was not one of my favourites either. At least you got scoring/slashing practice.

  5. I am so impressed with your beautiful scoring! And I love the BBA list on the side . . . it’s so interesting to see which breads you loved, liked, and weren’t so fond of . . . and it’s so convenient for those of us behind you (aka, ME!) to be able to locate a post quickly! =)

    • Thanks for the inspiration with the BBA list on the side. The first time I visited your blog I thought this was really cool and wanted to have the same on my blog ;-).

  6. @ Cathy, Mags, Saltandserenity & Abby: Thank you for your compliments.

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  8. oh these look delicious!

  9. You baguettes look beautiful, but I’m with you on the flavor. I was not impressed by this one, either. At least you got a chance to practice your scoring – which looks perfect!

  10. Excellent works. It is amazing by first visit to your blog

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