BBA Challenge #18: Light Wheat Bread

Not much to say about this bread. #18 in the BBA Challenge, a light wheat bread. I guess, it was too light for me: the whole-wheat flour was a little more than 1/3 of the flour amount. When I eat whole-wheat bread, I want more whole wheat, so if I had to make it again I’d probably reverse the flour amounts and use 2/3 whole-wheat flour and 1/3 bread flour. Well, probably I won’t even make this one again, because I have better recipes that even use 100% whole-wheat flour.

Don’t get me wrong. The bread was ok, the recipe worked out fine – I just didn’t get really excited about this bread.

2 responses to “BBA Challenge #18: Light Wheat Bread

  1. Actually, I’m going to agree with you on this one. I thought the whole wheat was too low on this one. Never even thought about reversing the percentages, though. Did you bake this one in a Kaiserkuchen form? I always find them way too long for bread.

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