BBA Challenge #13: Focaccia

I know, I know – I’m really late on posting my BBA Challenge results. But I’m clearing the backlog :-).

We hadn’t had pizza for quite a while and my kids were craving it so I thought the pizza-style focaccia would be a good thing to make. I don’t really remember whether it was the non-poolish or poolish version, though, because the pizza baking happened almost 3 months ago. I think, it was the poolish focaccia, though.

I followed the instructions through the stretch- and-fold and bulk fermentation stages. Then I transferred the dough to a bed of flour, divided it into 8 pieces, gently rounded them into loose balls, taking care that they would degas as little as possible. Then I put them into soufflé molds, covered them with plastic wrap and refrigerated them for 2 days or so.

On the baking day I took them out of the fridge long before baking to take off the chill. Then I gently pressed the dough  pieces with my fingertrips into disks, transferred the disks to a sheet pan, rubbed some herb oil over the top and pressed peppers, mushrooms and pepperoni (salami) into the center of the dough. I covered it with plastic wrap and let it proof for about 2 hours. Then I added cheese and baked it for about 12 minutes.

The result was a yummy pizza, so the kids said. I REALLY  liked the flavor of the herb oil and will make the focaccia soon without all the toppings and just the herb oil.


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