BBA Challenge #12: English Muffins

Jeez, I don’t even remember when I made these English muffins. The picture details tell me it was 3 months ago. I’m not sure I still remember much about the process of making them. Anyways, here’s my story :-).

I was kind of curious about baking English muffins because I’ve never heard of them before. Then my friend and her family from the US came to visit us, we went grocerie shopping together and she said her husband liked English muffins for breakfast a lot. We actually DID find them in the bread section of the supermarket – they are called “Toastbrötchen” here (toast rolls – I guess, the “English” is omitted because Germans hate the English – do I have to mention the Wembley goal of 1966?). Actually, I could have made the BBA challenge English muffins then because they were the next thing on the BBA list but I didn’t want to be a bad host and offer something I had never made before so I waited till our guests’ departure. The advantage of this procedure – I could compare the store-bought muffins with the self-made muffins ;-).

I mixed all ingredients together, fermented the dough for about 90 minutes, divided the dough into 6 equal pieces, shaped them into boules and proofed them for another 90 minutes. Then I heated two skillets and preheated the oven. I carefully lifted the boules to the pan and waited… I could not cook them for the recommended 5-8 minutes because the bottoms started to burn, so I flipped them over and cooked them for another 4 minutes or so. The book said the dough would flatten in the pan and spread lightly – my boules didn’t flatten at all. Anyway, I transferred the cooked boules to a sheet pan and baked them for about 8 minutes in the oven.

These English muffins were fabulous, both untoasted and toasted. It was like they melted in my mouth. Undescribable. I’ll definitely make them again, I just have to find out how to master my stove a little better so the bottoms don’t burn that early.


2 responses to “BBA Challenge #12: English Muffins

  1. Awesome Muffins! These were good, weren’t they? Also good to see more posts from you. I think they’re called that not only because of the English, but because the “Muffin” part would also confuse people. It still confuses some people who expect something sweet.

  2. Remember when you bought all that peanut butter when Amber and I visited, because “all americans love peanut butter?” 😉

    Mmmm, and I LOVE English muffins, it was such a kick to make them. I am trying to remember if they even had them in England now. I don’t remember (it was only two years ago, jeesh) but if they did I am sure they were not called English muffins.

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