BBA Challenge #10: Corn Bread

Corn Bread

First off, it should be said this was another disappointment in the BBA Challenge. When I stayed in the US as an exchange student I had corn bread quite a few times, and it was always really yummy. It is, therefore, needless to say that I was really looking forward to making this bread.

To please my kids, I went for the muffin solution. I had all the ingredients, followed all the directions, but the muffins wouldn’t rise at all.  I know, this was a quick bread without yeast, but usually baking powder DOES cause some growth, doesn’t it? Anyway, the smell was heavenly, but the muffins weren’t really that tasty. Actually, the flavor was ok, but since they were kinda gummy, they weren’t really appetizing. I wonder if the non-muffin version would have yielded a different result???


3 responses to “BBA Challenge #10: Corn Bread

  1. I felt mine was too gummy too, but I figured I did too much wrong to fairly comment on the bread. I wonder what others have thought of this bread? I have had cornbread that’s really dry and cornbread that is really moist, sweet and not sweet, with and without bacon/corn, and I just wonder if it’s a matter of taste; no “definitive” version (just like everyone has their own opinion on chocolate chip cookies)…
    I can’t imagine the muffins were an issue. At my baking class last week we talked about how baking powder will go bad eventually…the rule of thumb was about a year? I go through mine really fast making pancakes, but maybe yours was old (even if you bought it recently, could it be a bad batch?)

  2. Try this again with some fresh baking powder…I did these as muffins and left out the corn. My family loved them…

  3. I did not like these at all, try the ones in the Modern Baker if you are look for something savory.

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