BBA Challenge #5: Casatiello


I’m kind of rushing through Peter Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice to catch up on the BBA Challenge. The next bread on the lineup was Casatiello, an Italian bread with bits of cheese and salami. I was looking forward to making this bread because I like the combination of salami and cheese, even though I’m not a big fan of meat.

I again chose to make only 1/2 the recipe, 1 small loaf that is. I made the sponge and diced the salami into small cubes and sautéed it in a pan until it was crispy (I saved the rendered fat). For the dough I mixed type 1050 flour, salt, sugar, 1 egg and the sponge. Then I added the butter and the rendered fat, working them in in 4 steps. I added the salami cubes and the shredded Gouda. After 90 minutes of fermentation I shaped the dough into a loaf, put it in the pan and proofed it for another 90 minutes. Then I baked it for 40 minutes.

Sliced Casatiello

Yes, this bread met my expectations. My whole family loved this bread and asked me to make it again which I will eventually do. The only problem I had with this bread: I don’t like food that makes my fingers all greasy. It tasted fine, but I might add a little less butter next time. Oh, and I think I would add cheese cubes instead of shredded cheese because I didn’t really notice the cheese.


3 responses to “BBA Challenge #5: Casatiello

  1. I used cubes of cheese instead of shredded and it worked perfectly! This was definitely one of my favorite breads and I can’t wait to make it again someday!

  2. I added less butter and it turned out fine (I also used no bacon so it was probably less “fatty” for the same reason). You are going to overtake me soon!

  3. This was actually one of my favorite breads, partly because it made my hands greasy. I can’t imagine making smaller batches. Everyone I know loves receiving bread.

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