BBA Challenge#3 and BBD#23: Bagels


Next bread on the BBA challenge lineup – bagels. I was really looking forward to making these because I LOVE bagels. There are places in Germany where you can buy bagels (even good ones), but I hardly ever get to go there. So I have to live without them or make my own. I’ve never made bagels before, so I decided that they were the perfect challenge for this month’s Bread Baking Day hosted by imafoodblog who chose the topic “Something you’ve never made before”.

I was kind of surprised when I read the recipe. Bagels are boiled and then baked? I had actually never thought about how bagels are made. Anyway, I made the sponge (only 1/2 recipe), went thru all the dough making procedure, divided the dough into 12 pieces (I wanted to make mini bagels – with little kids in the house, I prefer smaller portions) and formed them into 12 rolls. I again was soooo impressed by the instructions in the book – the rolls looked perfect (as you can see in the picture).

Bagel rollsI covered the rolls with a damp towel and let them rest for about 25 minutes. Then I shaped the bagels – I used the rope-around-your-hand method – and put them on a lined sheet pan where they sat for about 20 more minutes. The float test went just fine, so I put the covered pan in the fridge for the bagels to be retarded overnight.

The next day I took the bagels out of the fridge and was disappointed. I couldn’t get them off the baking paper. I totally deformed them while peeling them off the paper.  Also, they were really flat and I didn’t have any idea why. It later dawned on me that I better should have used the poke-a-hole shaping method because I wanted small bagels – but half the dough with the shaping method for big bagels obviously results in half as high bagels – duh!!!!

Anyway, I brought a wide pan of water to a boil, added baking soda, dropped the bagels into the water and flipped them over after 1 minute. Then I placed them on the sheet pan again and topped them with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seed. I wanted to use poppy seed, too, but couldn’t find it in my jam-packed pull-out unit. I baked the bagels for 5 minutes, rotated the pan and continued baking for another 5 minutes.

As I said, the bagels were deformed and flat, but they tasted really well!!!! I’ll definitely make them again soon, but will use the poke-a-hole shaping method. Furthermore, I’ll have to grease the baking paper a little more so the bagels won’t stick to it.


10 responses to “BBA Challenge#3 and BBD#23: Bagels

  1. I used the poke-a-hole shaping method and it worked well. It looks like your dough might not have been stiff enough. Some others had problems with the bagels deflating and I think it was mostly because the dough was too soft. It needs to be stiffer than you think! It killed my arms kneading it 🙂

    Glad to hear they tasted great! I loved the bagels and can’t wait to make them again sometime!

    • I just read all the bagel comments and the corresponding postings on your bagel posting – when I was done I realized that my dough definitely was not stiff enough. My kitchen machine definitely had NO problem kneading the dough. I’ll add more flour next time.

  2. Yeah…the bagels are a challenge. But even if they look a little weird they taste great! Hard to go wrong with bread 🙂

  3. My bagels looked exactly the same! I also did 1/2 recipe, and made mini-bagels. Did you have to cut down the time in the oven? I wish I would have. They were good the first day, but by the second day they were hard as a hockey puck. I definitely want to try making them again!

    • No, I didn’t cut down the time in the oven. I don’t know how they would have tasted the second day because I put them in the freezer. But out of the freezer they were really good, too.

  4. It’s true about the stiffness–I am afraid I’m going to blow up my kitchenaid if I make it again. I can’t even imagine trying it with ultra-high gluten flour.

    Well, just say you were trying to make bagel chips!

  5. I have also never made bagels before. I grew up eating NY bagels, so I wonder how these would stack up to my bagel snobbery. I will remember to make sure my dough is stiff when I get around to making them. Thanks for joining us for this month’s BBD!

  6. I agree with all of the above comments…My dough was so stiff, I had to take it out of the mixer and knead by hand. And I’ve always used the poke a hole method. This is one of my favorite recipes…have you tried it again??

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