Blueberries: cake, yet another cake and preserves


As I posted earlier, there is a PYO near by. This time some blueberries wanted to be harvested. I went there with 2 kids, 3 big bowls, and came back with 2 kids, 3 big bowls and about 5,5 pounds of blueberries. Phew! Now I know why blueberries are soooo expensive – it’s a really tiring and time-consuming job, especially when you hear “Mom, when can we go home?” like every other minute. I must admit, though, that I thought it was boring, too ;-).

At least, processing blueberries is MUCH faster than processing redcurrants, so I guess that’s the compensation for the picking being so boring.  There were 3 purposes I needed the blueberries for:

1) Blueberry Cake with Coconut Milk, Coconut Flakes and Quark. It’s a Weight Watchers Recipe, so I won’t post the recipe here because I don’t want to get into trouble.  For all readers capable of reading German: here‘s a link to the recipe in the WW forum. I used butter instead of semi-fat butter, though, so it wasn’t really WW-friendly ;-). It was delicious!

2) Blueberry Boy Bait found at Smitten Kitchen. My result didn’t rise as much and was therefore a little flat, but still very yummy. I’d use more blueberries next time, though. At least twice as much…

3) Blueberry Preserves. I got 3 Weck canning jars with a capacity of about 2 pints  each (0,5 liter), washed the blueberries, filled them in the jars, placed the lids on the jars (I had applied the rubber rings to the sealing rims of the lids before filling the jars) and closed the jars by means of spring clamps.

Blueberries2 Blueberries3 Blueberries4

I placed the jars on the rack in the canner, filled water in the canner so the jars were completely submerged, and processed the jars at 80°C/ 176°F for 30 minutes. I hope when I crave blueberry cake in the wintertime these preserves will still be good. This was my first attempt to preserve raw-packed food.

To sum it up: I used 300 g/ 11 oz of blueberries for the blueberry coconut cake, 200 g / 7 oz for the blueberry boy bait and 900 g/ 32 oz for the preserves. Whew! Where did the remaining blueberries go? I guess, straight into our bellies… 🙂


2 responses to “Blueberries: cake, yet another cake and preserves

  1. I’ve asked for a canning set for my birthday this year…I’ve never tried canning before, and I got really intrigued by it this fall. But by that time, most of the fresh produce was gone. I will have to ask you for advice when it is spring/summer here and there are fresh fruits again!

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