Snowy Mespilus and Raspberry Jam

Snowy Mespilus

We have a snowy mespilus (Amelanchier ovalis) in our backyard which we had planted because of its nice flowers and of the berries that attract the birds, but flipping thru my garden book the other day I realized that I didn’t HAVE to leave the berries to the birds, but could make jam out of them. To cut a long story short, I went outside and picked all the berries that were still looking good. Unfortunately, the idea of taking a picture of the shrub came to my mind when I was done picking, so that’s why the berries above were the only ones left and are already shriveled.

I had only a small amount of berries (about 300 g/ 0,6 lb ), so I was looking for something I could combine it with. I had some raspberries in my freezer and thought that might be a good combination. So I took 200 g/ 0,4 lb raspberries, added them to the snowy mespilus berries, puréed the berries, added a little water and mixed everything well. Then I added 250 g/ 0,5 lb of 2:1 jam sugar (2:1 means 2 parts of fruit and 1 part of sugar, making the jam more fruity and less sweet) – I still had this sugar on hand (actually, it was without preserving agents) and wanted to use it up. I brought everything to a boil, let it boil for another 4 minutes and poured it into two 1-pint jars. Et voilà la confiture:


This jam is DELICIOUS! Kinda exotic (it’s somewhere in-between blueberries, almonds and marzipan,) but not too much because the flavor of the raspberries still comes through. I’m so sad I didn’t have more berries of the snowy mespilus to make some more jam.


One response to “Snowy Mespilus and Raspberry Jam

  1. bowmansinbavaria

    I’ve never even heard of snowy mespilus before! It looks delicious.

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