Just a deep-drawn sigh…

CSA box calendar week 22

Sigh! This week’s CSA box is a real challenge. I have NO idea at all how to use up all the parsnip, cabbage, savoy cabbage, sauerkraut and dill. Any ideas are welcome. The other things in the box are  2 lettuces, spring onions, carrots, and a salad cucumber. And the cheese box contains a vanilla yogurt, Brie, Gouda, alpine cheese and Maasdamer cheese. So if you can think of any interesting combination, please let me know :-).


5 responses to “Just a deep-drawn sigh…

  1. I had to laugh when I read your post. I’m blogging about the same thing at http://onethousandradishes.wordpress.com/. The only suggestion I have is to go to epicurious.com and search for different combinations that might go together. Oh, and I would definitely roast those parsnips in olive oil. You have a very interesting CSA. We’re still eating greens. I need to check out your blog and see where you live. Good luck!

  2. I agree both re: epicurious and roasting the parsnips.

    It’s a bit heavy on the cabbage, isn’t it? I made savoy cabbage with meatballs once, it was pretty good and I’m sure you can find it on a web search (I blogged it but didn’t post the recipe).

    I get my CSA today–we shall see!

    • YES, it is a little too much on the cabbage side, I think. But I’ll try to make the best of it. I think I’m going to make a savoy cabbage quiche (either with ground meat or vegetarian – haven’t decided yet). I made cole slaw some days ago for the first time because I had some cabbage left, and it was so good that I bought another cabbage (not knowing then there would be a cabbage in my eco-box). So, now I have to use up 2 cabbages – argh! As to the roasted parsnips – I’m not a big fan of the strong parsnip flavor, so I’d rather like to mash/mix it with something. I made potato pancakes with parsnip and carrots about 2 weeks ago and they were really good, but I don’t want to make them again THAT soon. I’m going to check epicurious for some parsnip recipes. Thanks for your comment!

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  4. bowmansinbavaria

    I don’t know if you still have parsnips to use, but Alton Brown has some interesting parsnip recipes (they were recently featured on one of his shows).

    Parsnip muffins:

    Parsnip crisps:

    Pearsnip sauce:

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