Cucumber Crocodile

Cucumber Crocodile

When my son celebrated his 3rd birthday at the day-care center he had to bring along breakfast for all kids in his group. Among other things like heart- and star-shaped sandwiches and the birthday train cake, I made this cucumber crocodile.  This is a good way to make your kids eat some vegetables – of course, they like the small sausages, too :-). I had read some recipes on the internet (e.g. here and here), but finally decided to make my own version of a cucumber crocodile because there were ingredients I didn’t like or the whole process of making the crocodile just seemed to be too complicated or tedious. So, here’s what you need to make this funny and healthy crocodile. It will be the hit of your kid’s next party.


  • 1 salad cucumber
  • 22 cocktail mini-sausages
  • 8 cherry or cocktail tomatoes
  • 5 cocktail gherkins
  • 22 grapes
  • 22 cheese cubes (I took gouda)
  • a long strip of a carrot (for the tongue)
  • many toothpicks (52, if I didn’t miscount :-))


  • Wash the cucumber and the tomatoes.
  • Make a horizontal 2-inch cut at one end of the cucumber and insert the carrot strip to keep the crocodile’s mouth open.
  • Cut a cocktail tomato into halves and attach them with toothpicks to form the crocodile’s eyes.
  • Attach 4 gherkins with toothpicks to the cucumber to make the crocodile’s feet – they will also stabilize the cucumber so it won’t cant over.
  • Attach the remaining tomatoes, sausages, cheese cubes and grapes to the cucumber.

One response to “Cucumber Crocodile

  1. That is just fabulous! And what a great way to entice the little ones to eat more veggies!

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