Asparagus season in Germany

Germans are mad about white asparagus, also called “edible ivory”. You’ll find it everywhere in Germany between mid-April and June 24th. Fortunately, I live in a region where it is grown in abundance, and many asparagus farmers open their farms (e.g. Spargelhof Klaistow – one of our favorite places to go because they also have a huge playground and a game preserve where you can watch wild pigs and roe deer) to visitors and offer delicious asparagus dishes. You can also buy fresh asparagus there.

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Anyway, when I walked out the grocery store today, there was this asparagus stand with fresh white asparagus, and I just couldn’t resist ;o). I bought two pounds of it for today’s dinner (hot lunch, actually – in Germany lunch is the main meal of the day, comparable to dinner in the US) and prepared it in the traditional way. I peeled the whole stem starting from the tip and chopped off the ends (I didn’t throw the peelings and the ends away, because I’ll use those and the left over asparagus for an asparagus soup). I brought a pot of water with a little salt and sugar to the boil and cooked the asparagus gently for approximately 10 minutes. Then I drained it and served it with potatoes and Hollandaise sauce (I used a convenience product, I must admit, where I just had to add milk and butter). It was really yummie, and I’ll definitely buy more white asparagus very soon.


3 responses to “Asparagus season in Germany

  1. I’ve never had this fresh, only in jars. I saw it yesterday at the grocery store but it was pricey…I love green asparagus though! Do your kids like it?

    • You should try fresh white asparagus, at least once ;o). I believe, it’s really pricey in the US because it’s rare there. If you have the choice between French, Greek or German asparagus, take the German one. It’s really much better! My kids don’t really like it yet, but I’m sure they’ll learn to like it – haha. In my family you can’t NOT like asparagus!

  2. bowmansinbavaria

    I enjoyed reading your post on Spargel and look forward to more food posts from you. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to my blogroll.

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